Cara Menghapus Virus New Folder.exe

Salah satu virus yang sering ditemui dan dapat menular melalui USB Flasdisk adalah virus New Folder.exe. Jika sudah menginfeksi, maka akan terbentuknya berbagai folder tipuan yang terdapat pada drive terutama removable drive. Sehingga banyak folder yang berekstensi .exe sesuai dengan nama folder yang terdapat pada drive. Juga dapat mematikan berbagai servis Windows seperti disable taskmanager, disable regedit, disable folder options.
          Nama-nama folder yang sering dibuat adalah New Folder.exe regsvr.exe dan berbagai folder yang ada di mana folder asli namanya dibuat seolah-olah folder asli tapi memiliki ekstensi .exe, virus ini kadang tidak terdeteksi oleh berbagai antivirus.
          Berikut berbagai cara yang dapat digunakan untuk menghapus virus ini. Sebelum melakukan pembersihan terhadap virus ini non aktifkan semua koneksi jaringan. Menghapus virus secara manual, silakan enable folder options terlebih dahulu dengan menggunakan tools ini kemudian perlihatkan semua eksten…

A Very Strange Animal Pictures


Man Has No Face Due to Illness

Tumini (right) lost her face covered with cloth.

- Tumini (54), Nglanduk Village, District Wungu, Madiun district, East Java, for decades suffered from a strange disease.
Husband Tumini, Marto (65), Sunday (21 / 6), said the result of a strange disease, some have lost face and perforated Tumini. The second part of his eyes, nose, and lip missing. What remains is only a chin and forehead only.
"For years, the disease continues to undermine the face of my wife. One by one the face Tumini damaged by the disease. Because there is no subject she can not see. Similarly, unable to speak, because the lips and other supporting tissues are not perfect, "he said.
According to him, a strange disease has attacked his wife for nearly 30 years. However, because the miracle of God, can survive even if the network Tumini nose for breathing is not perfect from the disease. Even the awareness and sense pendenagaran Tumini also still good.
Marto told, the disease attacked his wife while still in…

Sell ​​Ring, Bank Lending and Mad Considered now to be billionaire

Susie Pudjihastusi, Sale Ring to the Capital, Bank Lending and Mad ConsideredWIND blowing sea when the Cessna plane that brought Java Post (Group Radar Tasikmalaya) near Pangandaran Beach, West Java. After spinning all over the blue waters, the aircraft with a capacity of 10 passengers were then dipped, then landed on the beautiful beach.
Runway construction, typical take-off and landing was made from a mixture of compacted sand-stone. "This is a private airport (private property). The length of one kilometer, "said middle-aged woman who greets with a friendly Java Pos.
His name is Susie Pudjiastuti, president director of PT milk Pudjiastuti engaged in fishery and PT milk Pudjiastuti Aviation which is an airline operator Susi Air. Curly hair was reddish, his voice hoarse, raspy, but pembawaannya supel.Bukan only fluent English that comes out of his mouth when talking with its pilots are foreigners. Susie-too-familiar call use of Sundanese and Javanese occasionally to h…

tips to avoid the police ticketed

As a nation of peace lovers, it's no secret that many road users who prefer the path 'shake' when ticket. But in accordance with the spirit of reform, the people of Indonesia are also anti-corruption practices, causing many are trying not to bribe, though still objected ticket.
How are taken as the middle way is different. Here are three tricks that are most often tried to prove its validity. And these tricks ... NEVER FAIL!
SECRET ANTI ticket # 1: My child generals!
Trick ni is the most common tricks. Sometimes combined with the recognition of civil or police officials penyelipan card. When stopped, ticketed candidates to look confident, and spoke in a loud voice, tone pretentious, full of confidence.
"Sorry bu, mother violated article so because so-so"
"Err ... sorry bu, memangnya mother .. who are you?"

Lie Detection Tool

Budiisanaccomplishedinventorprofessor,hemanaged tocreatea robotthatcandetecta lie,he makes arobotis suchthatwhenlistening tothe lies,therobotwouldimmediatelyslaptheliar...

Budiis proud tobringrobotsintothe living room andwaited forherto go home...

buthis sonnevercame home...

New-awaitedafternoonthechildrencome home...

"Where are you from?kokreturnlate"askedtheBudi

"There areadditional lessonspa"answeredthechild


"Son,thisis arobotcreated byhis father,hewouldslapanyonewholied..!Nowtell mehonestly, why wouldreturnlate??!"

"Sorrydad..Ifinishedwatching amovieata friend's house..."

"What movies?"



"Tell mehonestlywhat movie??"

"SorryDad...I'mwatching porn"


Family Crossword Puzzle Lovers

Sunday,welanggananinewspaper,Kompas,has arubriccrossword puzzles(TTS).
This is a bi-monthly column began to be asked for my wife, Yuni. Although somewhat a beginner and not a matter of hours flying crosswords, Yuni will perform his new hobby.
Originally motive fad got a gift from the daily crossword. Later, he wanted to improve language skills, especially the mastery of Indonesian vocabulary that are commonly used in TTS.
As a mentor, I've guided Yuni with two dictionaries. First, Big Indonesian Dictionary. It can be said that the daily crossword-making source. TTSKompas almost exactly with the question in a dictionary entry. Second, Thesaurus Indonesian. This dictionary equivalent word in Indonesian. So, we can find words to convey the same horizontal questions, such as, dull. Two dictionary is very helpful to enhance a prospective lover of TTS.
Early times, I still dominant helped fill the crossword answers. It did not take long, Yuni asked me not to interfere. He wants to work alon…